Brochure Assignment

Our second assignment in multimedia challenged us a bit more. We were asked to pick a city in the world and create a brochure for it. There were requirements that we had to follow such as drawing some of the landmarks, as well as clipping or masking other landmarks. I picked to do my brochure on Vancouver, Canada. As far as I am concerned when talking about Vancouver it is impossible not to mention the Rocky Mountains. If you look around anywhere in the city they are always on the horizon so I knew for certain they would be one of the landmarks featured in my brochure.

When it came to choosing the rest of my landmarks I did a bit of research on the internet and by asking my cousin, who lives in Vancouver, what are the main attractions in the city. She spoke about the First Nations art and totem poles on display in Stanley Park. I took it upon myself to attempt to draw some of the totem poles there. Although difficult and quite specific I was able to draw two of the totem poles. I believe these may give people an insight into how amazing this city is.

Through techniques available to me in Inkscape I was able to create white shadows on my main texts to make them stand out more to the reader. As you might notice my logo also appears in the bottom right corner. This adds a look of professionalism to the brochure.

My Brochure